Susanne Karlak is an award-winning Bay Area fine art photographer who specializes in close, intimate views of her subjects, which range from tiny wildflowers to architectural designs. Her compositions often resemble paintings with bold, bright colors. She focuses on the details, looking for a unique and striking view. The camera allows her to share her vision with others.

Susanne’s fine art photography has been honored with numerous local, national and international awards; several of her images have been published in Popular Photography magazine. She exhibits in galleries, local libraries, and many Silicon Valley businesses. The Palo Alto Medical Foundation in Palo Alto, California owns an extensive collection of Susanne's fine art photographs which is exhibited in the Nuclear Medicine Department and throughout the clinic. Susanne’s photographic art is also displayed at the new Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara, CA.

When asked about her passion for photography, Susanne jokingly replies that she has always seen the word in squares and rectangles! She fills those shapes with vivid colors, shapes and textures. Susanne continues to be inspired by the beauty of California. Within easy reach of her Saratoga home are Yosemite National Park; Lake Tahoe; the beautiful Napa Sonoma wine region; the coast line with the rugged Big Sur coast and the amazing Point Lobos State Park; the Sierras; beautiful oak-studded hills; and stunning regional and state parks. Even her own back yard gives her beautiful plants to explore through her lens.

Travel is another of Susanne’s passions. Fortunately, travel and photography go hand in hand. She has photographed throughout the United States, Europe, Southern Africa and Central America.